10 Hilarious MMA Fighter Impressions And Parodies

In this article we’ll look at the funniest MMA fighter impressions of all-time, from stars mimicking their peers through to professional comedians doing hilarious parodies of some of the sport’s biggest names.

Din Thomas – Stephen A. Smith

In addition to being a former UFC fighter, starring alongside Dana White and Matt Serra on the ‘Lookin’ For A Fight’ series and training other world class fighters, Din Thomas has also performed improv and studied acting over the years, and he recently showed off what he can do with this spot-on impression of ESPN boxing and basketball talking-head Stephen A. Smith.

Smith had been coming under fire from sections of the MMA community at the time, including Joe Rogan, for calling Donald Cerrone’s performance against Conor McGregor “a disgrace” during UFC 246’s post-fight analysis, while suggesting that he’d “quit” the fight early.

Days later, laughably bad video footage of Smith hitting mitts was posted online, leading to fans roasting him for his performance (including boxing coach and analyst Teddy Atlas who quipped, “what, are you trying to hit a pigmy?”) in response to his bizarrely low left hook.

Needless to say this gave Thomas ample opportunity to poke fun of Smith in his laugh-out-loud parody of the video, which has been watched over 650,000 times on Twitter.

Belal Muhammad – Tony Ferguson

Former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson has become infamous for his quirky, inventive and unorthadox training techniques that he believes help set him apart from his peers.

However, fellow UFC fighter Belal Muhammad couldn’t resist the urge to have a little fun at his expense with a comical send-up that sees him dressed up as the star, while enthusiastically performing wacky moves on the weights bench and other exercise equipment, as his long-suffering coach tries in vain to get him to perform traditional exercises.

The sketch was an instant hit with fans and was watched over 300,000 times on Twitter, but Ferguson apparently didn’t see the funny side of it and blocked Muhammad on the site!

Joe Rogan – Yoel Romero

Having interviewed Yoel Romero many times in the Octagon, Joe Rogan has developed an uncanny knack for impersonating the Cuban middleweight ace’s unique version of broken english.

Take for instance the time that following a fight, ‘The Soldier Of God’ yelled into the mic, “No forgeeeetttt Jesus, people! No forgeeeettt Jesus!”

Unfortunately for Romero is accent is so thick that many people actually thought he was saying, “No for gay Jesus, people,” and assumed it was some kind of homophobic remark until he clarified what he’d actually said backstage!

The mischevious Rogan has taken great delight in Romero’s quotable moments and doesn’t need much in the way of encouragement to enthusiastically give his take on them.

Conor Moore – McGregor / Diaz

Irish comedian Conor Moore is famous in his homeland for his impressons of sporting stars and MMA fighters are one of his specialities.

As you might expect, Ireland’s own Conor McGregor is who he’s most famous for impersonating and as well as perfectly capturing his voice, Moore also has a knack for channeling his gift for the gab too.

That led to Moore being invited to do a promotional video for the EA Sports game UFC 3, in which he played the roles of both McGregor and Nate Diaz, while he has multiple videos on his youtube channel that have hundreds of thousands of views.

Rashad Evans / Kenny Florian – Various

Rashad Evans and Kenny Florian may well be the two best impersonators of their fellow fighters in the sport and on FOX Sports ‘TUF Talk’ they had a chance to show off what they could do, head-to-head.

To be fair, Florian’s impression of Conor McGregor may have been a little wide of the mark, but his Gegard Mousasi was spot on and he had a funny take on GSP too, while Evans was on-form with his versions of some of his former training partners, Alistair Overeem, Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and St-Pierre.

Pouya Rebek – Various

A few years ago Pouya Rebek emerged as the gold standard as far as MMA fighter impersonations goes, including hands-down the best version of Nick Diaz in the business.

Rebek paired up his vocal talents with animations and as his popularity grew became a frequent guest on Ariel Helwani’s ‘MMA Hour’ podcast (who he could also do a pitch-perfect impersonation of) and began drawing hundreds of thousands of views for each sketch on his YouTube channel.

At the peak of his fame, Rebek was even commissioned by FOX Sports to produce new animated shorts for TV, but unfortunately he’s since moved on to other non-MMA related projects.

Anderson Silva – Various

It’s one thing to be able to impersonate a fighter’s accent or mannerisms, but the legendary Anderson Silva has a different trick up his sleeve.

You see, as an eternal student of the game, Silva has developed an uncanny ability to mimic famous fighters fighting styles.

Silva playfully showed this off on a DVD extra for a Martial Arts instructional video series in which he easily transformed between the striking styles of UFC greats like Chuck Liddell, Royce Gracie, Wanderlei Silva and Randy Couture.

Kenny Florian – Nate Diaz

Florian waded into hostile territory when he did an impression of Nate Diaz while Tyron Woodley was being interviewed on TMZ Sports.

It was all in good fun, but though Woodley found it hilarious, the Diaz brothers weren’t so enamored with it.

“Are you kidding me?” Nick Diaz responded in an Instagram Live video. “What’s so funny, bud? What do you think you’re going to do? Walk around and someone isn’t going to slap the f**k out of you? What are you talking about?”

Quinton Rampage Jackson – Rashad Evans

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Rashad Evans had a tense, adversarial relationship on the set of The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 that saw them regularly squaring up to each other to engage in a few rounds of verbal sparring.

However, despite the heated exchanges there was also time for some wickedly cruel moments of humor, such as the time they started impersonating each other’s infamous knockout losses.

Evans started it, but ‘Rampage’ won the battle by doing an action replay of Evans unforgettably brutal KO loss to Lyoto Machida, including lying on the floor with his leg twitching, while branding it, “The stanky leg,” – a catchphrase that’s now often used by fans.

Tom Lawler – Various

Over the years Tom Lawler became infamous for using his weigh-in entrances and walk-ins as a chance to impersonate fighters and celebrities.

Fans began to eagerly await Lawler’s appearances in the UFC due to the guaranteed belly-laughs as he dressed up and imitated everyone from old-school octagon stars like Dan Severn and Harold Howard (including performing his infamous scissor flip-kick on-stage) from the UFC’s early years, through to the infamous UFC fan ‘Just Bleed Guy’, pro-wrestler ‘The Shockmaster’ and even Conor McGregor, complete with a stuck-on chest tattoo!