(VIDEO) Conor McGregor attacked in Moscow by Khabib fan

Conor McGregor’s presence in Moscow for his press conference was generally well-received by the locals, but one man took exception to the Irishman’s words about Dagestan during the event.

Despite speaking respectfully and with positivity about Russia and the Russian people, McGregor’s comments about Dagestan were less than complimentary.

Goading his Dagestani rival and UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, McGregor said: “Where’s my location? The Ritz Carlton. I’m in the Ritz Carlton if anyone wants my location, right in downtown Moscow. Where is he right now? I believe he’s out of the country. I fly in, he flies out. Typical of the Dagestani man.”

And when he was later asked if he had ever visited Dagestan, McGregor snappily responded: “I wouldn’t go to Dagestan to take a s**t. And that is the truth.”

McGregor’s words angered one fan to the point of snapping and, as McGregor was addressing reporters backstage during the event, an angry fan arrived at the back of the room and hurled a bottle at McGregor, which the Irishman skilfully ducked away from.

“Me and my brothers are cowards?” shouted the irate fan.

“Me, and my people and my father are cowards? What (did we) do to you?”

McGregor looked unruffled by the intruder and simply responded with a cursory: “Shut up, you fool,” before the man was eventually ushered away.