Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson Blasts Paulo Costa on Twitter- Calls him ‘Loose Booty’

Paulo Costa recently lost his first-ever professional MMA fight. The Brazilian fighter is one of the brightest talents in the middleweight division. However, in his maiden title shot, he came up short against ‘The Last Stylebender’. In the fight ‘Izzy’ dominated from the outset which made it clear that Costa did not have any answers.

The referee stopped the fight in the second round when Israel Adesanya landed a perfect left hand that dropped Costa and followed it up with a barrage of punches. Costa has since demanded an immediate rematch.

Paulo Costa hits back at Anthony Johnson

Paulo Costa recently put out a Tweet against Anthony Johnson that said, “Anthony Rumble Johnson shut up you moron. You don’t even know which weight class you should fight.”

Rumble fittingly responded to the Tweet. He wrote, “I don’t do the talking back and forth but the last BBC you did that to f***ed your a** at the end. DOGGY STYLE Now your name is LOOSE BOOTY. You must want missionary next by me? I respect you but make sure you know your role…I’m not the 1 kid.

At UFC 253, following the stoppage by Jason Herzog, Israel Adesanya made some vulgar moves that did not sit well with Costa. An infuriated ‘Borrachinha’ took to social media to call Adesanya “Human Trash” and demanded an immediate re-match. This was dismissed by Dana White and many others, ‘Rumble’ being one of them.

On a podcast with Mike Swick, ‘Rumble’ was critical of Costa’s showboating. He stated that ‘Borrachinha’ wasn’t focused and he took ‘Izzy’ way too lightly. The former light heavyweight touched upon Costa’s trash-talking before the fight. Furthermore, he rubbished the idea that Costa should get an immediate re-match.

Anthony’s comments on the situation seem to have rubbed ‘Borrachinha’ the wrong way. What do you make of the exchange between the Costa and the returning light heavyweight fighter?