Darren Till Ready To Fight Khamzat Chimaev In December

Darren Till has emerged as one of the most unpredictable MMA personalities. However, there is ‘throwing dollies at buses’ unpredictable and then there is Darren Till. We have seen him rise as a cocky contender to him revealing emotional blocks keeping him from fighting. However, he clearly has found his groove back at Middleweight.

Till lost a close decision to former champion Robert Whittaker in December and is scheduled to face Jack Hermannson in December. However, Till has called out a fighter that fought on the card with him and Whittaker.

That man is the fighting machine Khamzat Chimaev. Chimaev is having trouble finding a ranked opponent, with many top names openly turning him down. However, Till has offered Chimaev a fight after he has taken care of Hermannson.

Till expressed how he doesn’t care about the rankings and is willing to fight Chimaev. Chimaev has moved up and down between Welterweight and Middleweight his entire career, so he probably wouldn’t mind facing Till at 185, considering that is the only big name that has openly agreed to fight him.

Darren Till vs Khamzat Chimaev: Is this fight a real possibility?

It is fair to question whether this was a real call-out, considering how empty these statements can be in MMA. However, Till is enough of an oddball to do this. That doesn’t mean that the test already ahead of him is going to be easy. Jack Hermansson is a surging Middleweight, and will look to further solidify his title credential with this win.

But it isn’t like Khamzat has been double booking himself. He already has an upcoming fight with Demian Maia, but he is calling out fighters like he has no date booked for the forseeable future. After both these fighters get their current business done with, we can legitimately start imagining this fight.

Khamzat should choose a weight class sooner rather than later. While his versatility to just jump across these two weight classes is admirable, it may be a bad decision while chasing title. But like Darren Till said, it isn’t like rankings matter in the UFC.