Justin Gaethje vs. Donald Cerrone: What Really Happened?

The headliner of UFC fight night was an event which fight fans were expecting it to be long night for both UFC stars Donald ?Cowboy? Cerrone and Justin ?The highlight? Gaethje. The five round main event in Vancouver, British Columbia was one of the fight nights in long time which was creating hype of this event.

The most finishes record fighter in UFC ?Donald Cerrone? is a very tough man in lightweight division that being said he has almost fight with big names in UFC light Mike Perry, Tony Ferguson, Al Iquinta, RDA, Robbie Lawler etc. But fight Justin was a new challenge for him.

Justin Gaethje is a rising namein UFC, and with a record of 20-2, he was excited about this fight as Donald has always been giving top performances in his past and recent fight. He wanted to show that he is the number one contender for next fight Tony vs. Khabib.

Today?s fight between them was left in an ?aww? to the fans. The fight started with usual leg kicks from Justin as we know how he is good with his hard hitting kicks. It felt like Donald got bit hurt near his knee area of right leg due to the leg kicks from Justin.

Then later in the round the fight turned into fist fight and it was quiet a good exchange of blows from both fighters. But Justin was mixing it up with kicks and jabs. There were some clean shots from Donald, and one of them actually shook Justin a little bit. Every time when both fighters were closing the distance Justin was taking advantage and landing some good shots on Donald.

It was the fourth minute of very first round when both fighters were exchanging blows, and Donald got caught up with one of the right jab on his chin from Justin which made him down on his knee. This made a clear way to get a TKO as Donald was unable to defend himself from the continuous blows from Justin. It was 4:18 minutes of first round when referee stopped the fight and this made Justin got a big win over another great fighter of UFC.

Donald seemed to be unhappy about the stoppage but everybody watching the fight knew it was a right stoppage from referee. Donald was wobbling while walking even after 1 minute from the stoppage. Justin showed some serious power in his right hand even at a close distance. He was throwing this right hook from the beginning of the round and one of them with right timing caught Donald?s face.

From past fights of both fighters we have seen blood bath and adrenaline rushing performances and this one was nothing less than those fights. Now we wait for Tony vs. Khabib and the winner to fight with Justin. Also, my predictions says that a fight between Justin and Conor makes a lot of sense at this time. But, we all have to wait for match makers what they would bring to the table.