Mike Perry Says He Sparred Jon Jones for Seven Rounds Years Ago

Mike Perry is one of the most unique characters in the UFC, as you never know what to expect from ‘Platinum’. Perry fought against Mickey Gall in June and an impressive unanimous decision win. However, there was something unusual about his corner that night.

Perry felt it was better to have his girlfriend as his sole cornerman. He argued that she would be better suited for the job than non-fighter coaches. As unorthodox as this may be, it worked out well for him as he could secure a win. 

Mike Perry fires shots in an ongoing war of words against Darren Till

Perry and Darren Till have been recently going back and forth on Twitter regarding Mike Perry’s corner situation. He recently tweeted saying, “Y’all talkin but I’ve busted (Darren Till) eye and nose already and I’ve sparred (Jon Jones) seven rounds years ago. I’ve only gotten better. I really do this fighting shit in real life. You internet stalkers make me sick cuz when you see me in public you don’t say nothing…”

Perry recently put out a tweet saying whoever paid him the most money could corner him along with his girlfriend in his upcoming fight against Robbie Lawler. ‘The Gorilla‘ saw this as a good opportunity and said that he would put up $5,000 for the same. However, Till was not the only one who put his name forward.

‘Platinum’s’ manager Malki Kawa said that a few of his NFL clients were interested in cornering Perry. Cam Soda, a live streaming webcam platform, also released a statement saying they would put up $10,000 to have a cam soda model in Perry’s corner. 

However, it was Darren Till and his memes about the situation that did not sit right with Mike Perry. ‘The Gorilla’ put out an image that mocked Perry and his girlfriend. ‘Platinum’ replied with a photo of Till knocked out cold. The pair have been trading shots over Twitter over this issue for a while now. It is not clear as to who will corner Perry. However, as it is ‘Platinum’ one can not be sure what to expect. We certainly didn’t expect the information that he sparred with Jon Jones.