UFC 243: Post-Fight Analysis, Robert Whittaker vs. Israel Adesanya

The hype of the main event of UFC 243 was kept exactly by the fighters. Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whittaker was the highlight of this event. This event was the most awaited event from quiet long in the UFC middleweight division as rising “The last Stylebender” Israel Adesanya has almost finished everyone who came forward against him. The Stylebender’s last fight with Kelvin Gastelum made him an interim middleweight champion which straight away made him number one contender for middleweight championship against Robert Whittaker.

This fight started with tremendous amount of energy from both fighters as Robert Whittaker didn’t stop himself from throwing jab and punches on Israel’s face. At the same time I believe Israel was trying find his rhythm to match how Whittaker was trying to reach his face. Robert even got successful with some good shots on Israel’s face but Israel absorbed them and dodged them with great head movements. In later half of the first round both fighters started mixing jab with low and high kicks. When it comes to kicks Israel’s kickboxing can’t be compared with Robert. Israel landed some nasty kicks but with good defense Robert blocks them up. Last second before the buzzer Israel knocked Robert Whittaker down but referee stopped Israel because of finish of the round.

It all ended in second round, Robert Whittaker played well and gave some hard time to Adesnaya by landing some beautiful jabs. However, it looked like Robert Whittaker was facing little reach disadvantage to get to Israel. Everytime Robert Whittaker moves, he was seen in the fight lunging and closing the gap, this lead Robert taking too much damage but even landing some shots, it was good amount of blood from Whittaker’s nose due to some powerful counter hooks from Israel. Later in the round a small encounter costed Whittaker a knockout TKO. Israel landed a hard left and right hook on the chin in the fist fight which made Robert Whittaker down on the mat and Israel Adesanya a chance to get his hands on Robert, but the referee (Marc Goddard) stopped the fight by looking at Robert’s inability to defend.

It is within less than years in UFC, Israel Adesanya has proved to be the best middleweight champion in UFC. This leaves next in line Paulo Costa to fight with Israel Adesanya for middleweight championship. But it’s not going to be anytime soon. We kight have to wait till early 2020 but till now let Israel enjoy his time with the gold.

What do you say, Is Paulo Costa”The Eraser” is the man to stop the Last Stylebender?