UFC MEXICO CITY: Post-Fight Analysis, Yair Rodriguez vs. Jeremy Stephens

The main event of this fight night was expected to be as big as all big fights in UFC. Everybody had their eyes on this main event which was between Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens. Yair Rodriguez with a record of 11-2 and Jeremy Stephens with 28-16 were best match for this featherweight fight.

We all know how Yair Rodriguez got his best and knockout of the year for 2018 by nasty elbow in last two seconds of the last round to one of the best fighter Chan Sung Jung (Korean Zombie) and with this fight the fans were waiting for the comeback of Yair. Jeremy Stephens was prepared to get a win as he lost his last two fights and wanted to comeback and be back in the win column.

Both fighters were all prepared and were ready to bring the heat to the octagon. The fight started as normal but didn’t last for even a minute, at 15 second of very first round, Yair unintentionally poked Jeremy’s left eye and Herb Dean (referee) asked for a time out to give time to Jeremy. It felt like it was not a big poke as Yair’s fingers merely touched the eye, but you can’t compare the pain of your injuries with someone else’s. But the good part was there was no blood from the eye.

Herb Dean called the doctor immediately to check Jeremy’s eye but it seemed like he wasn’t able to open his poked left eye. The fans started booing and were getting impatience for the fight to start. But Herb Dean tried everything by giving time to Jeremy which is five minutes and even spoke and debated with the doctors over the time to wait for official five minutes which doctors were not ready to give for Jeremy to continue. But after all time given and Jeremy couldn’t open his left eye, Herb Dean raised his both hands and called off the fight.

The fans around the octagon started throwing bottle inside the octagon and even Jeremy was escorted with good security out octagon and main stage area. Bottles were thrown on Jeremy while walking out.

Yair apologised to the fans and was even angry at this situation, but it was great distress and emotional moment as well for Yair as he prepared for this fight with great amount of hard work. Even Jeremy was preparing for about 6 weeks for this great fight, but all that was left in a great disappointment due to an eye poke. Yair is ready for rematch and we all might see that in future. We wish Jeremy gets well soon and we get to see this great matchup again.